Aquatic Energy Management Group

Public swimming pools serve a vital role in every community’s recreational health and fitness programs. State codes only address health and safety for pool operations but ever-increasing energy costs present a growing need to integrate energy efficient technology and operating practices. A public pool is also one of the most cost-intensive, complex and potentially hazardous facility any institution operates.

HMW International established the Aquatic Energy Management Group to help our public-sector clients retrofit and operate their pool plants to save energy, reduce and control costs, and increase safety. The program provides a comprehensive service - from initial audit to monitoring and management services - so pool operators don’t need to figure out on their own what’s best to do and how to do it.

Our services include:

  • in-depth and holistic system analysis to provide reliable savings and cost estimates,and specification of equipment and operational changes to optimize energy and cost savings

  • energy management systems designed for the safety-critical operation of commercial pools that integrate, monitor and safely control all critical equipment

  • operator/manager training and ongoing support to ensure energy savings are optimized, and safe and effective pool operation is maintained as equipment, operations and staff change over time

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