The toolkits provided here were principally authored by or developed under projects managed by HMW International. While they should be available from the original project sponsors, they are also made available for download here in case the sponsor links or search links have changed. Click each title to go to the HMW download page or click the sponsor link to go to the sponsor download site.

Community Planners Early Action Handbook for Greenhouse Gas Reductions in New Development

This 2010 handbook provides local planning officials with guidance and tools to take immediate action to reduce potential GHG emissions from new development under current law ahead of longer-term planning processes. These measures can help ensure that development projects approved in the near term will have the potential to further reduce energy use and GHG emissions in the long term and keep more dollars in the local economy. The Handbook includes a digital resource library and Excel workbook to quantify the GHG emissions and economic impacts of the status quo versus taking simple actions now.

Sponsor: ICLEI

Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Generation

This 2009 Toolkit is intended to help USAID mission staff and national decision makers understand and assess the relevance of policies and programs that have been used successfully in support of large, grid-connected renewable energy development. The toolkit highlights key issues that must be addressed in the design of a renewable energy framework, and seeks to explain key concepts. Basic information on renewable energy technologies is provided for policymakers. Extensive references to other sources with more technical detail are also provided.

Sponsor: USAID Energy Toolbox